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We are proud to announce the introduction of the NXT pizza generation vending machines. A pizza automated retail kiosk that makes it possible to order 24/7 an authentic pizza, made with fresh ingredients and cooked under 3 minutes. The latest technology makes it possible to be overall in control when it comes to maintenance, service, hygiene and real-time information on distance to be efficient and have all the needed information available. Reliable and a capacity to meet the requirements.

NXT pizza

The NXT pizza automated retail kiosk is unique in the world since it is the only way to create an authentic pizza not touched by humans. So it is very hygienic and always the same high quality which can meet the standards of a pizza from a pizzeria. And all under 3 minutes.

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How it works

Let’s start with the dough. A freshly prepared pizza crust made with flour mix and water. No preservatives. Made in a secured environment, 100% controlled, packed and stored, ready to make that delicious pizza.

Next is the authentic tomato sauce. Not just any kind of tomato sauce, made from tomato puree, but a fine sauce, made with fresh special selected tomatoes and seasoned with the best Italian herbs.

Step 3: Depending of the kind of selection that was made, the favorite topping will be placed on top of the sauce. The pizza machine offers standard four different kinds of pizza’s. 3 Standard pizza flavors and one Chef’s Signature pizza that will change frequently and offers the possibility to have a different flavor pizza every time or to stick with your favorite one. The toppings are made under strict supervision in a protected facility, meeting the highest standards and placed per portion between two sheets of foil. When the pizza is ordered, the pizza vending machine picks the topping out of the refrigerated department which guarantees freshness and optimal flavor. All pizza’s are always fresh and never frozen.


The NXT pizza automated retail kiosk is connected to the Internet. This way, it is 
possible to check all the machines Worldwide from one single 
location. The same efficient way of working is used for provisioning: No unnecessary trips to check the stock and if it is necessary, the pizza machine will send a signal to the central service desk. A very strong feature that makes A1 concepts unique in the world of pizza’s.

On distance, all kind of information is retrievable: sales per hour/day/week/per machine. Most failures can be solved by Internet and even larger maintenance issues can be solved easy by using the built-in web cam and instructions by the service desk. In the U.S., the pizza machine will operate only by debit and credit cards, plus other options like payments by phone are possible and legal. There is no cash money involved with all the risks. In a glance, it is visible how successful each pizza machine is and changes can be made easy if necessary. So very efficient. Other payment options are available apon request.


Target Groups

The NXT pizza automated retail kiosk will be placed at locations with lots of foot traffic like:

Truck stops
Train stations
Theme and national parks
Sports bars
Sports arena’s

Schools and universities
Rest areas
Large companies
Hotels (Room service)

Home delivery service
Gas stations
Convenient stores

Fresh, Fast and Fun

NXT pizza

NXT pizza is Fresh, Fast and Fun. Fresh, because we use only Fresh ingredients to guarantee the best possible quality. Fast, since it offers your choice in record-time and Fun because it is a unique way to order 24/7 by using the latest technology . We welcome to the new world of food technology.